Siteground Affiliate Master Guide Helping YOU Become A Successful Siteground Affiliate Marketer

As a SiteGround affiliate, you have your own Affiliate area where
you can quickly manage your affiliate links and banners, track
your payouts and stats, and get support — all from one place.
We can assure you, being a SiteGround affiliate is easy. But
before you start referring clients and earning commission, we
want to help you lay the groundwork for your affiliate marketing
efforts. Let’s start.

1. Set up Your Affiliate Account.

Each SiteGround affiliate is required to provide and to keep their valid payout details up-to-date. This way, we will be able to successfully process your commission earnings when due.

Log into your Account and go to the Affiliate tab > Payout Details menu. From there, make sure the payout details you have provided upon signup are correct and up-to-date, or update them with valid ones.

Affiliate commissions are paid via PayPal and it is the affiliate’s sole responsibility to have an active PayPal account on file. This will guarantee that your commission is successfully processed.

You can set a payout threshold from the Minimum Payout Amount. If you don’t manage to reach the limit within a calendar year, we will process your commission anyway. If you don’t specify a threshold, payment will be issued upon each approved commission.

For affiliates who generate high commission volumes, we provide the option for Wire transfers. Note that when using Wire as a payment method, the default minimum threshold is 5000 EUR/USD/AUD/GBP (depending on your currency).

Provide required documents.

Depending on your billing country, there are some additional documents and/or tax information that you might be required to submit before we can pay out your commission.

US Persons (individuals and business)

You can find the form W-9 in My Account > Affiliate > Payout Details > Tax Documents. For your convenience, we have pre-filled the form with data you have already submitted upon signup. Simply review the info, make the necessary changes, sign it, and submit it.

EU Entities

Businesses have to provide their VAT or TAX ID number and individuals are required to provide personal identification number or VAT if VAT registered.

Non-US and non-EU individuals or businesses.

Non-US and non-EU citizens or businesses are required to submit a form W-8. For individuals, the W-8BEN form is integrated into the Payout Details section in My Account.

For business entities, the W-8BEN-E form should be downloaded, filled in, signed up, scanned, and uploaded in My Account > Affiliate > Payout Details > Tax Documents. Note that you need to make sure that the details in the form match the information in the Login & Profile section. Any discrepancies will invalidate the form.

Once you upload your documents, they will be reviewed by our Financial team, and we will contact you if additional details are needed.

Spanish Freelancers & Professionals

As a Spanish professional, you need to provide a declaration for your tax registration with MOD 037 or 036 form as well as your latest Social security receipt to avoid payout interruptions.

Note that if your economic activity started less than three years ago, you can also take advantage of a lower 7% tax by providing a Start of Economic activity statement. All documents should be scanned and uploaded in My Account > Affiliate > Payout Details > Tax Documents. Businesses are required to provide only their CIF number .

Your Affiliate Link in Action- How to Refer Clients and Get Paid ?

If you plan to send clients to SiteGround, the first thing you need to do is get your unique referral link. This link contains a special tracking code which helps us track the sales you refer to us.

You can easily find it in your welcome email, as well as in My Account > Affiliate > My Campaigns > Default Campaign. Copy it and place it on your site, social media, or other platforms where potential clients would click.

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